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Cozy Living Room with Fireplace


Scroll through for some helpful information regarding your chimney and fireplace, we always recommend getting one of our highly trained experts to your house for a FREE estimate





Change in seasons. Every year, it's very important you contact us to inspect your fireplace and chimney to make sure it's in proper shape to run a fire. Weather changes, accidents, storms and animals can be just some of the many reasons your chimney and fireplace health deteriorate throughout the year. It's always better to stay on the safe side and have our professionals take a look so you can enjoy your home worry free.

Change in fire quality. If you notice your fire does not burn efficiently, it's producing more smoke, or a foul odor is produced when you burn your wood; Contact us immediately to inspect, clean and repair.

Your damper is giving you trouble. The damper is what makes sure air is able to flow through your chimney. If you're having trouble opening or closing it, there may be a bigger issue on hand. Call us immediately to come out before you enjoy your fireplace.

Creosote buildup. Creosote is a dark, greasy and tar like substance that smells like charred food or fuel. If you notice this, please contact us right away before you run any fires. Creosote can lead to harmful gases leaking inside of your home as well increase the likelihood of your chimney catching on fire.


Deterioration of bricks on your chimney. Cracked or spalled bricks can lead to moisture buildup and improper ventilation that can severely damage your fireplace and chimney liner. If you can see damaged bricks, please contact us to come out and inspect.

When you purchase a new home or condo. Please make sure to contact us to inspect your new home's chimney and fireplace. You can never be sure the previous owner stayed on top of maintenance and cleaning so it's best to be safe and have us take a look.

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