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Need a chimney/fireplace cleaning and inspection? DON'T wait until the winter, here's why.

During the warm summer months of July and August, as we revel in the outdoors and bask in the sunlight, the need to maintain the home's chimney and fireplace might not be the first thought to cross our minds. However, these months are arguably the best times of the year to clean and inspect our chimneys and fireplaces. Let's explores the rationale behind this proposition, focusing on safety, readiness for the cold season, service availability, and cost-efficiency.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, prioritizing chimney and fireplace maintenance during the summer months is a critical safety measure. The residue that builds up in chimneys, known as creosote, is highly flammable and poses a significant risk of causing chimney fires if left unchecked. After a long winter of regular fireplace use, your chimney could have substantial deposits of this dangerous substance. Cleaning your chimney in July or August ensures the safe removal of creosote, thus eliminating the fire risk well before the next heating season.

Next, conducting chimney and fireplace maintenance in the summer ensures readiness for the coming cold months. As the cold season approaches, you would want your fireplace to be in its optimal condition, ready to provide warmth and comfort to your home. By scheduling an inspection and cleaning during the summer, you afford yourself ample time to address any issues discovered during the process. For instance, if your chimney requires repairs or your fireplace needs parts replaced, the warm weather provides a comfortable environment for the necessary work to be done. This way, as fall comes around, your fireplace will be prepared for its job without causing any delay or inconvenience.

The availability of service during the summer is another compelling reason to schedule chimney and fireplace maintenance during this period. During the fall and winter, chimney sweeps are often booked to capacity as homeowners scramble to get their fireplaces ready for use. Conversely, demand for these services tends to be lower during the

summer months, meaning you'll have better luck securing an appointment at a time that works for you. The reduced demand also means that sweeps can take their time to thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney, ensuring that the job is done right.

Finally, conducting maintenance in July and August could also prove to be cost-effective. Due to the lower demand during the summer months, some service providers might offer discounts to encourage homeowners to use their services. Not only can you save money, but you also avoid the rush charges that might apply when demand peaks during the fall and winter. Additionally, addressing any potential issues early can prevent costly repairs down the line. If a problem with your chimney or fireplace is left unaddressed until winter, it might worsen and become more expensive to fix. Call us today (773-999-8131) to see how we can save you money by booking now!

Despite it being a seemingly unusual time for such tasks, July and August are indeed optimal months for chimney and fireplace cleaning and inspection. By proactively addressing safety concerns, ensuring readiness for the colder seasons, capitalizing on the ease of service availability, and taking advantage of potential cost savings, homeowners can be well prepared for the ensuing seasons of warmth and joy by the hearth. It is an approach that combines foresight, practicality, and wise housekeeping. Don't wait, schedule your appointment with Ignite Chimney and Fireplace Co today!

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